BAD BOY Pro Series 3.0 MMA Shin Guards


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Bad Boy Pro Series 3.0 MMA Shin Guards The Bad Boy Pro Series Shin Guards range is designed to fulfil professional MMA athletes’ expectations delivering the optimum equipment for training, bag work, or hard sparring. Designed with high density foam and flexible ankle, the Bad Boy Pro Series 3.0 MMA Shin Guards offer the perfect balance between protection and mobility. On standing guard, grappling submission or ground-and-pound, you will be fully protected on strategic areas without any interferences on your moves. The multi-layer EVA foam ensures a full management of the shocks, from the impact zone to the shockwave dispersion, minimizing the risk of short and long-term injuries. Neoprene sleeve slips - without exposed hook and loop - guarantee a secured fit and prevent scratching during ground transitions. The Bad Boy Pro 3.0 Series Shin Guards feature a moisture wicking lining to keep you dry and extend your Bad Boy MMA Shin Guards lifespan. Specs: Premium engineered leather for enhanced lifespan Multi-layer EVA Foam for superior protection Anatomical full instep and shin protection for a natural and improve coverage Thai style dual Velcro strapping without metal for a comfortable and secure fit Moisture wicking lining to facilitate sweat evacuation and keep your gear fresh — SMMAF Approved — — Godkända av Svenska MMA Förbundet —